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My name is Abby! I'm a Kansas City-based artist that specializes in murals, abstract work, pet portraits and collages. I painted the "I love you like a summer night" mural behind Messenger Coffee in the Crossroads area of KCMO. I also recently taught a workshop at Pinterest HQ! I'm thoroughly interested in pairing art with activism and community outreach. I've collaborated with MOCSA, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU and have the desire to continue utilizing art for social justice purposes.


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I love working together with organizations I believe in. I teamed up with MOCSA recently to develop a palette and theme for their biggest event of the year. Don't be shy! Let's chat. Collaboration is my bff.



Recently Pinterest flew me to San Francisco to teach an art workshop at their headquarters! It was a blast (as you can tell from the photo to the left). I LOVE teaching workshops! Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to arrange a workshop in your home or business.

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Are you looking to run a private workshop or corporate event? I'm happy to work with you. I love teaching and hosting kids and adults.

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